Wall of Fame and Shame

They say numbers speak more than words; Especially when spoken through neatly organised statistical tables!
These numbers account for everything since Alex’s birth, from early childhood to the present.

Being Godfather to kids0Friends & FamilyHuman Relations
Gone to space0ExplorationVisits
Song lyrics by heart3MusicSkills
Been best man at wedding0Friends & FamilyHuman Relations
Religions devoted to0CultureStates of Being
Boyfriends (all-time)0LoveHuman Relations
Longest free fall 0.01LifestyleHours
Failed engagements1LoveOccasions
Dad to kids1Friends & FamilyHuman Relations
Cheated on partner 1ImmoralityImmoral Actions
Blood-related siblings1Friends & FamilyHuman Relations
Unrelated siblings1Friends & FamilyHuman Relations
Aeroplane cockpits visited2TransportationVisits
Marathons ran2HealthOccasions
Primary Klasses taught4Education & DevelopmentOccasions
Sworn enemies2LifestyleHuman Relations
Instruments (able to play)2MusicSkills
Fist fights 2ImmoralityImmoral Actions
Near-death experiences3HealthOccasions
Fallen in love3LoveHuman Relations
Medical operations3HealthOccasions
3rd party credit card details at disposal3MoneyData
Thefts (caught) 3ImmoralityImmoral Actions
Contact with wild life predators (physical)3ExplorationOccasions
Websites (created)3Digital Creations
City home bases4LifestyleLocations
Idols4LifestyleHuman Relations
Been at elevations higher than 4000m5ExplorationOccasions
iPods owned (all-time)5ElectronicsGadgets
Languages spoken fluently5Education & DevelopmentSkills
Life-changing revelations6Education & DevelopmentOccasions
Degrees5Education & DevelopmentDocuments
Computers owned (all-time)8ElectronicsGadgets
Universities (attended)6Education & DevelopmentVisits
Dramas (visited)8CultureVisits
Girlfriends (all-time)8LoveHuman Relations
Concerts (visited)7EntertainmentVisits
Parties (organised)7LifestyleOccasions
Longest Skype call 8Digital Hours
Banks accounts (active)8MoneyAccounts
Video consoles owned (all-time)8ElectronicsGadgets
Time spent on Bicycle (one day)10ExplorationHours
Organisational Memberships (all-time)9Education & DevelopmentAccounts
Longest car ride (one day)11TransportationHours
Bank accounts (owned)11MoneyAccounts
Been drunk12LifestyleStates of Being
Treks and safaris12ExplorationOccasions
Longest conversation with more than 3 people (one day)13CultureHours
Highest cliff diving13LifestyleMeters
Mobile phones owned (all-time)13ElectronicsGadgets
Sports good at13LifestyleSkills
Close friends (active)15Friends & FamilySocial Reach
Thefts (undetected)15ImmoralityImmoral Actions
TV shows (watched)16EntertainmentViewings
Stage performances (dramas & concerts) (participated)19CultureOccasions
Videos (featured)22CultureCreations
Webinars (attended)24Education & DevelopmentViewings
Books read26ReadingPieces of Literature
Certificates26Education & DevelopmentDocuments
First cousins26Friends & FamilyHuman Relations
Movies (shot and edited)26DigitalCreations
Presentations given (all-time)27Education & DevelopmentOccasions
Time spent working on this website28EntertainmentHours
Contracts (singed)31OfficialDocuments
Video games (played)38EntertainmentData
Movies watched at Cinemas42EntertainmentViewings
Caused sadness in someone resulting in tears 43ImmoralityOccasions
Postcards received (all-time)47Friends & FamilySocial Reach
Museums (visited)47CultureVisits
Playlists in the Music Library52MusicData
Countries (visited)53ExplorationLocations
Ales, lagers and other types of beers tried59LifestyleOccasions
Twitter followers56Digital Social Reach
Longest stretch without sleep57Health Hours
Parties (attended)61LifestyleOccasions
University modules (attended)64Education & DevelopmentVisits
Highest speed achieved on bicycle74Explorationkm/h
Facebook photo albums106DigitalData
Cigarettes (smoked)194LifestyleOccasions
Distance traveled on Bicycle (one day)137ExplorationKilometers
Time spent in gym (all-time)177HealthHours
Aeroplanes boarded165TransportationVisits
Online accounts (all-time)220Digital Accounts
Highest speed achieved with car220Immoralitykm/h
Highest speed achieved in free fall235Explorationkm/h
Cities (visited)265ExplorationLocations
Movies (watched)301EntertainmentViewings
Pinterest followers280Digital Social Reach
LinkedIn connection437DigitalSocial Reach
Facebook friends594Digital Social Reach
Made someone smile and happy787LifestyleOccasions
Folders on Computer (manually created)735DigitalData
Phone contacts878Digital Social Reach
Photos with me tagged in it on Facebook812Digital Data
Peer reviewed articles read832ReadingPieces of Literature
Daydreams per year1200LifestyleOccasions
Pins on Pinterest2499DigitalData
Songs in the Music Library3060MusicData
Highest elevation reached by foot5895ExplorationMeters
Photographs (taken)24971DigitalData
Distance covered on Bicycle (all-time)34664TransportationKilometer
Listened to Music (all-time)68567MusicHours
Spent on healthcare78600Money$
Vocabulary (all languages)150000Education & DevelopmentSkills
Total Distance traveled428277ExplorationKilometer
Distance Traveled by Airplane383677TransportationKilometer