Physical Activity & Well-Being

There is no doubt that physical activities form part of our daily lives. Whether we rush for an escalator or climb the staircase on our daily route to school or work, or occasionally meet up with a colleague for a jog, planned physical activities contribute to more than just physical well-being.  A scheduled ‘plan’ for exercise and physical activity (especially outdoors) may help not only to coordinate our daily routines, but also, contrary to popular belief, energizes and enables us to accomplish (even) more within a given time. Regard it as a time-off, a break to supply the brain with oxygen it so desperately needs during a busy period, and to circulate the body’s blood in order to feel revitalized. So, physical activities can reduce work-related stress if it’s scheduled in a timely manner, as well as help us be more efficient throughout the whole day, leaving us with more spare time for relaxation and enabling us to master the work-life balance.

Fun Climbing at Barnard Castle by Alex Mattakathu

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