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Ideation and Conceptualisation (2013)

Introduction video to the portfolio of some of Alex Mattakathu’s creative work.

© Ideation and Conceptualisation by Alex Mattakathu

“Ideation and Conceptualization” reflects the process of inception of an idea and following development of a prototype to eventually an all-rounded product. Alex Mattakathu – on the basis of examples and the associated thought-processes, illustrates a simplified way of how ideas may be generated.

Dark Sun Ad (2011)

This ad was designed as part of a project that made it its target to virtually launch and market an alcoholic Ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage named Dark Sun. The project established its core market penetration strategy; download the report by Alex Mattakathu here.

Dark Sun Ad
© Dark Sun Ad by Alex Mattakathu

The ad at hand (simply explained) has following manipulations and queues: Appealing to an imaginative audience, for as the words can be read in as many as 6 different ways; The different Dark Sun can versions give queue to the variety of the product; On display is also a probably attractive female, giving the illusion that popular and fit girls can/do drink it, which should attracts, both, the female and male audience; And the nightlife of a vibrant city (i.e. Taipei) represents it’s urban character and elicits the slogan of the Dark Sun brand well: “Day Allnight Long”.

My Menu App (2012)

My Menu is an prototype design of an application from Alex Mattakathu that can be used as an ordering interface in a restaurant, or as an app on a mobile device to pre-order the food before arrival at the restaurant. In both cases, the app allows the user to customise ones own meal using a variety of features and ingredients.

This product design presentation was undertaken for a marketing intelligence simulation with the aim to launch a prototype business in the town of Durham, England. This was only possible after extensive research on the town, and credits go out to my fellow teammates who were on the project: Chou Lea, Humayum Mariam, Li Xinyu, Liu Brenda, Ojeahere Ose & Schütte Larissa.

© My Menu App by Alex Mattakathu

Social and Work Politics (2013)

This video is about social and work politics and refers to the power games, gossips, bullying, backstabbing, etc. that takes place in our daily social lives. It was created for a project on self-branding that is based on an online platform. Content such as from this interactive scenario-based game, would then expose a user to situations she or he may have, or not, come across in their lives, and hence elicits a profile (at the end of the game) based on the decisions made along the way. Credits to my fellow project mates Mansour Maya and Rylance Kate.

Notes: [© Mansour, Mattakathu & Rylance; Credits to Song “La Valse D’amelie” by Yann Tiersen]

Life Sounds Ad (2012)

This ad was designed by Alex Mattakathu within the framework of his first MSc for the purpose of testing ad-element effects in promoting the sustainable image of the company in question (LifeSounds SE).

© Life Sounds Ad by Alex Mattakathu

The ad’s portrayal of the brand (LifeSounds) is manipulated with elements that boost credibility in favour of sustainability; therefore, the message claim within this ad refers to “LifeSounds SE is a sustainable company”. The creation of LifeSounds SE, LifeSounds® brand and the ad by Alex Mattakathu was to be kept incognito during the study, so as to avoid bias. This manipulation, based on a vast theory on ad-effects and perception, elicits the potential any marketer holds: to ‘manipulate’ its viewers.

To see more ads that Alex Mattakathu has pinned, go to his Creative and Guerrilla Ads Album on Pinterest.

The following illustration represents the analytical model of the study. It’s perhaps more “art” on its own than the ad above. The whole study can be viewed and downloaded here.
Note: Ask for permission before distributing.
© Analytical Model by Alex Mattakathu

Imagine That…! (2012)

This is about child poverty that exists in Europe. This video in particular shows poverty in the developed economies like in the United Kingdom. People I have come across would say “what do you mean by poverty in Europe…?”; The very idea of poverty in developed economies being absurd. Reality is that poverty (as a facet of socio-economic status) exists and relates to the relative poverty/development of the economy in question. In this case, in the north-east of England, child poverty has reached alarming magnitudes.

This clip was shot as pilot for a series of webisodes. The life of an individual affected would be portrayed in a 3-episode story each, while encompassing on the biases and stereotypes the society holds on an average holds: Parents are the ones to blame, for various existing reasons such as them being to lazy, uneducated, and hence create an unacceptable environment at home. The following webisodes though would then reveal, in an unexpected twist in the story, that it is the very society that judges them by showing no interest and lacking the awareness of societal problems, hence causing the stigmata to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Though the webisodes are un-continued, a big thank you goes out to the group of actors and actresses in the video: Koukos Panogiotis, Thirapatpibull Nuttinee, Li Xinyu, Kim Jun Hyun, Putri Anggita Wastuwidya, Cho Hana, Cherdboonmung Punitra, Lin Jo-Yu, Stott Elizabeth, & Wu Di.

Notes: [© Imagine That…! by Alex Mattakathu; Credits to Song “Mad World” by Gary Jules & Michael Andrews.]

Which Social Network Channel is Right for You? (2013)

The below inforgraphic has been designed within the scope of a branding project for an FMCG client. With the rise of social networks and media channels, one is often puzzled which and whether to use one at all. This very simple decision making tree covers the most popular channels and takes a viewer by their hand in aiding him or her to make up his or her mind on which cannel to use or keep using.

Lebenslust (2007)

This particular drawing was commissioned by an acquaintance of a classmate who knew I was an arts-major in high-school. I called the drawing “Lebenslust” as it represents an elderly person enjoying the simple but authentic beauty that can be found in the Swiss mountains. The Drawing is 0.70m x 0.45m, and was created using Caran D’ache Supracolor in combination with water and brushes.

Contract Drawing
© Lebenslust by Alex Mattakathu

MoM & DaD (2012)

This was a creation based on feelings about missing my family. The erratic and clear-cut lines expressed on the one hand my mood then and the emotions towards them on the other. Drawn with soft 3B pencils.

MoM and DaD

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